Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Make do and Mend

I loved my "leather" jacket, but I started to get embarrassed when I wore it because of the scruffy cuffs.
Being of slightly low quality material, the cuffs on my jacket began to peel and flake off. But I love it so much and I'm a bit short on funds this winter, I decided to Make Do And Mend!
 So I reached for my knitting needles and went to work.

The price of the wool was under £2 and I did a knit 5 pearl 2 rib effect pattern to help make it look expensive.

It was really simple because I only had to knit a straight line. I would of gone with a crazy coloured wool but decided black would go with more. Leaving the gap for the zip I just stitched the cuff on with heavy duty thread and I'm really pleased with the results:
Then the money I saved then went on this awesome scarf.

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