Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Window Competition

My day job was at a Pawnbrokers (until I quit last week), and they like to inspire their staff every so often by putting on competitions for us all to compete.

This time it was a design a summer window. The brief was to make a summery display that shows off the jewellery stock we have and not hide it or make it look tacky.

Being a model maker (as is my other half) I felt pretty confident,

here is what we did:

I made these little deck chairs out of balsa wood for the watch displays

My other half, Alex Young, made these melted ice creams, used to display the biggest diamond rings in stock:

I also made a suitcase out of foam board and card with a few chains falling out over the edges.

A colleague made some palm trees and we ended up winning the best window in the region and £100 for a night out for us all.