Saturday, 13 August 2011

Box Legal Update

Well it turns out that I was the only person to enter to comeptition, as far as I know. But despite this, I didn't win. The Box Legal website I originally saw the competition advertised on has completely changed. I noticed little changes cropping up towards the last few days before the closing date. When I first read it back in June, the brief was merely too create an advert promoting Box Legal and what they do max of 2mins long. As time went on I noticed more and more detail being added, but I had already started on my film, until all of a sudden a script appears that is miles long with voice overs and is talking about kids toys on a kitchen table. It was too late for me to go back and would proabably cost me an arm and a leg so I continued with my idea hoping to offer something different. Then the day of the deadline, I see that it has been extended to the end of august. They obviously didnt want something different.
Im just so frustrated. It always happens, the RSPCATV comp I entered got extended by 6 months!

Its not fair on us that get our act together and get it in on time.
I think its safe to say I havent won.