Sunday, 19 December 2010


If you are reading this then that means you have been specially selected to view this page. It's not like this project is top secret or anything but I wanted to keep it all professional and accessable to people.

To give you the jist of things my name is May Jowdh and I am a third year stop-motion animation and puppet making student at staffordshire university.
I have named myself lead Director of my third year project and am using this website to help plan and organise all the things I need.
To begin with I want to build up my cast and crew for the movie, I will do this by posting various vacancies as the project moves on. As people start to join, I want this page to be like a notice board for everyone on the project to have their say and upload any ideas and comments they have about whats going on.
The process of applying for a vacancy will be very similar to how you would probably apply for a real job, tell me what position you are interested in and send me examples of your work, eg a show reel, photos, links to vimeo etc.
I want everyone involved to feel like they have a voice in whats going on.

To start us off I will give you a synopsis of the film:
A roughly dressed man is walking through a forrest when he stumbles upon a tree that has money for leaves. In his excitement he stuffs his pockets with the cash not noticing that he drops his wallet. As he skips away through the forrest a fox slinks out from behind a tree and tutting takes out a clipboard and pen, puts on his specs and inspects the tree, counting the missing money. noticing the wallet on the ground he picks it up to discover the mans name and address. using a fallen log as a desk, the fox writes a letter to this man.
We cut to this mans house where he is extactly installing his newly bought widescreen TV and luxury sofa. A letter is posted through his door, a letter covered in scratches and paw prints. confused the man disreguards this letter and throws it away, days past and more letters, similar to the one before arrive. still unable to decifer the paw prints the man ignors them until one day he gets a knock at the door. The repo men, or badger baylifts have arrived and swiftly take away the mans sofa and TV leaving him cowering in the corner. the last scene is the animals in the forrest trying to plug the TV into a tree. the moral of the story is nothing in life is free, even if it grows on trees.

over the christmas period I will make a list of vacanies and upload any enitial storyboards or artwork I produce. If you are interested in this project, then please dont hesitate to make your own character designs etc, because like I said, I want everyone to have a voice.

Keep checking back for up dates,