Friday, 6 April 2012

Life Drawing

Here is a selection of my most recent Life Drawings. I found a great class in Hastings that is only £8 for 3 whole hours! Plus they get a great rang of models so far I have had a different model each week. A welcome change from the same old Myra from uni. Sorry Myra, but you were very uninteresting to draw, especially after the first 10 times.

I used a pencil (9B), and some charcoles (black and brown)

I want to practice drawing faces at my next session.

Monday, 2 April 2012

My Mutant Rat Sculpt

I really wanted to continue my Rat vs Crocodile project so the next step I took was to sculpt the mutant rat. This was to get an idea of his shape and proportions, and brush up on my sculpting skills!

I like the way this has turned out. I think when I make the actual puppet, I might play around with his hunch back. Maybe shorten his neck and lower his head.
I sculpted this out of stone coloured newplast plastercine, with a wire armature inside.