Sunday, 27 February 2011

Week Four and Five

Sorry for the lack of posting last week, but it's been all systems go!
Not just with this money tree project but with a very exciting project I have the privilidge to be working on. It's exciting because I get to work with the legend that is Barry Purves! More about that later ;)
Alex has been very busy with the foam latex Badger puppets, and here is a test animation he has done, as well as so before and after photos of the woodland trees.

 This is the Badgers mould and the armature inside, ready for the foam latex. Below is what the puppet looks like when you first take it out of the mould, a bit like a flying squirrel badger!

 Here is Tom, to give you an idea of the scale we're working in. Before the paint, looking like greek collumns and after the paint, looking more tree like!

This tree will be used as the Fox's fallen tree, log desk.

Tom and Jon's foam latex puppets came out wonderful too, minus a few air bubbles, I think they were both great successes. Tom also created a foam board mock up of Barney's front room for us to start visualising the space and scale of the set.
All in all a very productive week, stay tuned for a link to the Barry project animatic I've been working on.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Week Three

The mod roc forrest is becoming ever thicker, as we have made almost 20 trees!
Alex failed his first attempt of foam latex for the first badger, but will try again next week. Although it was tough finding an oven for us to cook it in in the first place! For some reason, the ceramics department at uni doesn't want are stuff in their kilns, even though they have like 25, and dont even use all of them! Luckily, the plastic workshop has an oven and the lovely Keith is letting us use it.
Hopefully it will all go to plan next week and we can start getting some paint on those trees!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


This is our animatic. Gives you a basic idea of the plot and some camera angles etc.....
Hopefully Jack the dog will feature more towards the end as well.
Thanks again to our Storyboard artist Ade Tooth!

Please leave comments and tell me what you think!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Week Two

This week was all about sculpting and mould making.
Alex and Tom took their finished scuplts into the ceramics department to make moulds. These moulds will be used to make the foam latex puppets.
While they were doing that jon and I were building a mod rock forrest! right now the trees look a bit like greek coloumns because they haven't been painted yet. so far we have made 10 trees of varying sizes and widths, and we're hoping to have about 25 over all so we have a few more to go!
Also this week our 2nd years Chloe and Emma came in to plan out the backdrop for the forrest set.
But most importantly the lovely Adrian Tooth finished drawing the storyboard out for us. I will be turning this into an animatic to show you all next week, so watch this space!
In the mean time, you can check out Adrian's Cartoon and comic arts blog: