Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Vote for Me!

Here is a link to my entry for the Ray Harryhausen Competition, I had to shorten it, so I will put up the full version on here for your viewing pleasure in a week or so, just to make sure you click the link and vote for me!

Ray Harryhausen Competition

Ok so I didnt win the Red Bull competition, but at least I tried right?

Well for my next project I found this awesome Ray Harryhausen Storyboard competition!
The prizes are amazing and the brief is simple;
Draw out a storyboard for a Harryhausen-esq story that is between 30secs and 3mins long.
Prizes: the winning film will be made and screened at the Barbican in London,
the winner will meet Ray at his own home in London
and get a one on one, hour long lecture with tutors from the national film and television school!

How could I say no!?
So I thought to myself, I want to do a myth or legend that has never been done before. I decided to go with the urban myth that crocodiles live in the New York sewers. But what if there is something else that lives in the sewers that is equally scarey!? Perhaps a giant mutated rat? If the two should meet, who would win?

Well who do you think would win?