Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Surface Pattern Design

I have decided to embark on a personal project that will make me use existing skills and learn new ones.
I am in love with surface pattern design at the moment. I kind of wish I had taken it at uni because theirs was always my favourite part of the end of year degree show.
It seemed to encompass so many things, from wall paper to net curtains, their designs were inspired by things as varied as cityscapes and woodland nature.
I am currently inspired by fair ground art and more especially carousels.
Keeping in mind that I actually have a great dislike for horses in the real world, I find the beauty, colours and detail of the carved ones quite enchanting.
I have set my self a fictional brief:
I am an art worker for the awesome stationers Paperchase and they have commisioned me to design a set with the theme fair ground.
The set is to include:
a note book cover X2
a 2016 diary cover
a birthday greeting card.

I want to create a repeat pattern that can be used for the background, as well as art work that can be used on their own or as part of a bigger picture.
This will encourage me to get back to my roots with good old fashioned pencil and paper. Then it will stretch me to sharpen my digital skills which I have been neglecting recently.

My first stop was the library, I found a book on William Morris and thought he would be great inspiration for the repeat pattern I wanted to create. But there was no book for fair ground art, that was wishful thinking, I did however find a book about riding and pony care which will be great reffrence for drawing horses.

So my secound stop was Pinterest, a great resource for obscurer subjects and I have started a board for my project http://www.pinterest.com/myrainbow06/surface-pattern-merry-go-round/

Here is my first attempt at drawing a carousel horse:
My plan is to play with this with colour and techniques.
Watch this space for more updates.