Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Knitted Leo

For my Mums birthday I decided to make something really personal for her. So I made a knitted portrait of the family dog Leo.

Leo is a crossbreed we rescued as a puppy from the dogs trust. They said his mother was a golden retriever and they think his dad was a leonburger, a big mountain dog, and hense his name leo.
He is a big gentle giant with an amazing temprement, who loves swimming.
I found a book with some really good patterns in them. It had a golden retriever pattern which I thought was the closest match to leo's body type.
The hardest challenge was matching his colouring.

Here is how he turned out.

The Woollies

This is a project I worked on last year for a potential childrens book for Oxford University Press.
There would be a group of characters that used their knitting skills and imagination to help overcome obsticals and challenges.
I was given a brief for each character and asked to visualize them and make a model of 2 of them.

There were 4 Woollies all together:
Baby woollie
Sporty Woollie
Clever Woollie
and Creative/arty Woollie

heres what I came up with:

 We agreed that creative woollie looked too much like an old lady/ house wife, but the other 3 were greatly recieved.
So we decided to go ahead and make a model for Sporty and Clever Woollie.

I started with a polystyrene ball and wraped the wool round to get the ball of wool style effect.
Then using things like felt, buttons for eyes and sculpting their feet from sculpy I added little details.


Lend with care models

Here are some close up shots of the models I customised for the lend with care ad.