Thursday, 17 November 2011

Red Bull Animation Competition

Please watch my red bull animation entry and help me win a laptop!


Catch up

Ok not much has happened since my last post. Thats pretty much why I havent posted.

  • Box legal - There were only 2 entries in total, mine and Nile Plumb's. Nile was in the year above me at uni. We were both given £250 and told that what we did wasnt what they were looking for and to try again when they relaunch their competition in a few months time. I think that they are just looking for a cheap alternative to supporting the animation industry and getting a professional advert.
  • I did email them saying I could animate what they wanted but it would cost more and be longer than the 2 mins they wanted. They said they didnt want to work with anyone directly.
  • No one will give them what they want through a competition because its just too long and complicated!

In other news I went on holiday to Greece and it was good.

I was unemployed so signed on to the dole but as of this afternoon I have been hired and now work in the Pawn industry, please read that carefully. Not animation but at least I can fund my work and goal of learning to drive.