Friday, 28 January 2011

Week One

This week was all about research and design.
Alex and I started out by visiting some local woodlands to get some good refference for the set.
Later on in the week we visited the Potteries Museum in Stoke and looked at all the stuffed animals they had there.
I gave Alex a brief outline for what I wanted the Badgers and the Fox to look like and he set about designing them. Also through the course of the week a new character came about. A little jack russel dog, imaginatively called Jack. Jack was thought up as a way of explaining why the man (now named Barney) was in the woods to begin with, he was walking his dog.

This week we had our first team meeting. Alex Young, Tommy Grainger, Jon Colenso and I all met up and discussed who would do what within the enitial stages of the project.
We agreed that Alex would be in charge of the Badgers and Jack, Jon had the Fox and Tom has Barney. I am in charge of getting the storyboard and animatic ready, and recruiting 2nd years.
My first port of call was Adrian Tooth's office. Ade has agreed to draw the storyboard for me so I can make it into the animatic.
For now, here are some pictures of the research and the designs we have done.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cast and Crew

Happy New Year people!
Here is a first draft of a cast and crew list. I've split it into 2 sections +25 and -25. This is because of 2nd years assistant module and also because Tony mentioned that as well as our own project us 3rd years have to spend at least 25 hours on another 3rd years project.

+25 hours
Lead Director - May Jay
Art Director - Alex Young
Character Designers -
Lead Puppet Maker - Alex
Additional Puppet Makers x2 -
Set Designers -
Set Builder - May Jay
Additional Set Builder -
Lead Animator -
Additional Animator - May

-25 hours
Storyboard Artist -
Costume maker -
Assistant Set Builder -
After FX -
Sound and Foley -
Credits and Titles -
Editing -

More positions may open up as the project evolves so watch this space. But if you are interested in any of the positions here, or if i've missed anything out, let me know. Send me an email or comment on this post saying what position you are interested in and a link to your work to show me what you've got!
Thanks everyone and see you all soon!