Thursday, 7 April 2011

Animation Tests

This last week has been about testing the puppets and getting a good feel for them, but not working them too hard incase they break before we even start filming the real thing!
Firstly here is my test of Jack the dog. Instead of a puppet, Jack is animated using a series of replacement figures. I sculpted them individually out of supersculpy (a clay you cook in the oven to harden) and it was tough to get them all to look the same.
Here is the test walk cycle I animated for Barney. Made by Tom, Barney is a foam latex puppet with a wire armature and a supersculpy head with changeable mouths to give him different expressions. His head isn't fully attatched yet so please excuse its shakeyness,
And last but by no means least, is the test walk cycle for the fox. This is animated by Jon, as he will be animating the fox in the film. This is a bit small, to view it on a larger screen you can find it on you tube

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