Sunday, 27 March 2011

Barry Purves

As promised, more news on the projects Barry is working on with us.
The Young Persons Guide project is in full swing and starting to take shape, here is a basic animatic for you to have a look at. Each section is being animated by a different student and is meant to reflect a different part of the human body/mind represented by the instrument played in that section.
I have the Fuge, the finale of the piece and my plan is to project the other students work on to a live male model and then have a big reveal at the end where everyone involved in the film, including Barry will be there.
Barry is also working on another film outside of the university, all about the life and works of Tchaikovsky. He asked me to make him a paper cut out cycle of a swan flying slowly. Here is my test of the swans which I traced from a video I found on youtube, sort of rotoscoped you could say.

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