Sunday, 9 June 2013

Woods Film and Vocality

This is the finished Vocality #3  film.
On this project I was in charge of customizing the little people to the specifications I was given.
I had to transform, pre-made little suited figures into the 8 white shirted workers, the grey suited boss man and the IT man.
I started by buying some plain white hankees, I was able to use the seems along the edge to make the shirt collars look neat.
I also painted a few of them different nationalities to give the office some diversity, as well as a few other details to give them all unique personalities.

My other half, the talented Alex Young, got involved when he saw the light sabre and tardis on the animatic. He was also responcible for the IT mans unique look by using milliput to sculpt the messy hair and painting a space invader on the existing shirt. I think he had a personal connection with the character. cough *nerd* cough cough.....
oh er excuse me.......

I have worked with Woods Film before on another vocality project and that is where the little army people come from. getting the cammo on the GIs uniforms to look the same was hard! I also did a bit of animating on that project too,
The rest of the animation on this project and the others is done by Rhiannon Evans.
you can see it hear:

I've heard that another project for the same client is on the cards and it's meant to be bigger and better than the others. I cant wait to get involved as working on these projects is always a pleasure.

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