Saturday, 7 May 2011

Barry Update

As you may have read, Barry Purves has been working with my fellow students and I at Staffordshire university.
The Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra project is now in its final stages. Each student is involved on a different section of the project and I have the finale. This week I was able to film my part. I collected parts of everyone elses work so far and projected the animations on to the body of a very brave male model Matt, to whom I am very grateful for agreeing to do.
It was a bit difficult to round up everyones work as the majority of people were in Stuttgart for the FMX animation festival, but they were able to upload their work on vimeo and so I could download it. The shoot went really well, I was well prepared and Barry and Matt were easy to work with. I'll be cutting together the footage some time this week.

Just before Easter I was incredibly privilaged to spend a day with Barry on the set of his Tchaikovsky project, assisting with bar sheets and more projection work. I made some cookies as a sign of my appreciation for this oppertunity, which went down really well! It was really insightful and I learnt a great deal. I even got to see my swans in action and they look great! Barry loves them too and told me that the producer from Russia commented on them too. When we went to lunch at a local sandwich bar, I was introduced to half the crew of MacKinnon and Saunders puppet makers, whose workshops were just down the road. It was a great experience and hope to go back for another day in the future!

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