Saturday, 5 February 2011

Week Two

This week was all about sculpting and mould making.
Alex and Tom took their finished scuplts into the ceramics department to make moulds. These moulds will be used to make the foam latex puppets.
While they were doing that jon and I were building a mod rock forrest! right now the trees look a bit like greek coloumns because they haven't been painted yet. so far we have made 10 trees of varying sizes and widths, and we're hoping to have about 25 over all so we have a few more to go!
Also this week our 2nd years Chloe and Emma came in to plan out the backdrop for the forrest set.
But most importantly the lovely Adrian Tooth finished drawing the storyboard out for us. I will be turning this into an animatic to show you all next week, so watch this space!
In the mean time, you can check out Adrian's Cartoon and comic arts blog:

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